Transient Rental

Just a short trip?

Time is of the essence on a short trip but carefully laid plans can go awry if your car breaks down and help is slow to arrive. That is why you should drive a Thrifty rental. Our well-maintained cars will keep you right on schedule for a trip that is both short and sweet.

Largest network

We are located wherever transport is needed. Which is just everywhere

One-way rental

Collect your rental here, drop if off there. We will return to sender

Wide range of cars

There is a car for every style and need. Most are in our centres

GPS navigation system

No need for a map when your rental knows its way around town

A click away

Our easy online booking system hints at an enjoyable driving experience ahead

Peace of mind with

Our well-maintained cars have no hidden surprises

Competitive pricing

Our rates and service quality are a perfect match

Value added service

Our partnership with airlines earns you frequent flyer miles for your future trips