Where is Thrifty nearest location?2019-07-09T10:42:05+08:00

We have 17 outlets located at major cities and airports. Refer to Location Guide for more details.

Can I pick up at non-Thrifty location?2019-07-09T10:53:09+08:00

No. The pick-up and drop off is strictly at Thrifty locations. Refer to Location Guide for more details.

Can I pick up and drop off my vehicle during public holidays?2020-01-20T00:27:10+08:00

Surcharge of RM50 will be levied for such service.

Can I drive into Singapore or other neighbouring countries?2019-07-09T10:56:51+08:00

All Thrifty cars are strictly prohibited from being driven into Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia.

Can I return my rented car to a different location?2019-07-09T10:57:16+08:00

Yes, a repositioning fee will be levied for one way rental. Detail of charges will be made available at the time of booking. This service is only applicable within Thrifty outlets.

How can I return the car after your business hours?2019-07-09T10:57:33+08:00

There is key drop facility for vehicles returned after business hour. Kindly seek further clarification on the process upon vehicle collection.

Is there any surcharge when I pick up the car after your business hours?2020-01-20T00:27:42+08:00

Surcharge of RM50 will be levied for services rendered after business hours.

Can I extend my rental?2019-07-09T11:02:23+08:00

Extension of rental is to be communicated directly to the renting location you have picked up the vehicle to facilitate extension of insurance coverage.

Can you reserve a map when we pick up the car?2019-07-09T11:02:45+08:00

Maps are not provided. However, you can rent a GPS at RM25 per day and it’s subject to availability.

How do you calculate your rental rates?2019-07-09T11:03:33+08:00

Rates are for a minimum of 24 hours rental. Additional hours will be calculated at one fifth of the daily rate, per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours. Rates include unlimited mileage, maintenance, passenger liability protection and insurance cover of third-party property damage up to RM3,000,000 and unlimited for third party bodily injuries. Rates are subject to 6% SST (Sales & Services Tax) and subject to change without prior notice.

I have forgotten my booking number. How do I know if the booking has gone through?2019-07-09T11:03:52+08:00

Please check your registered email. A copy of the booking confirmation have been sent to your email.

There are some changes to my itinerary. Can I cancel my paid booking and make another booking later?2019-07-09T11:04:58+08:00

All paid bookings cannot be cancelled and payment made are non-refundable.

What is the age limit to rent a car?2019-07-09T11:05:29+08:00

Renters must be between 21 – 75 years old for normal car categories and between 25 – 65 years old for luxury car segment.

What is the licence requirements for renting a car?2019-07-31T02:57:11+08:00

Renters must have a valid national or International Driving Licence. Other nationals who hold a valid driving licence in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational licence holders will not be accepted.

What documentations do I have to present at the rental counter?2019-07-31T02:58:43+08:00

You will need to present your I/C or passport, a valid driving licence and a valid credit card. Thrifty Malaysia reserves the right to refuse its car rental services if these terms are not met.

I don’t have my driving license with me, can I collect the vehicle?2019-07-31T02:59:15+08:00

No car will be checked out without presenting an original driving license or International Driving Permit.

How much is the young driver surcharge?2019-07-31T02:59:30+08:00

Young driver surcharge is not applicable at Thrifty Malaysia. Drivers must be between 21 – 75 years old for the normal car categories and between 25 – 65 years old for luxury car categories.

Can I rent a car with an International driving license?2019-07-31T03:00:03+08:00

If you have a valid International Drivers Licence or a licence which is in English then you are able to drive in Malaysia. You are unable to drive in Malaysia if your driver’s licence is in other languages other than English. Your international drivers’ licence must include a photo of yourself and you will be required to present your passport with your licence.

Is there an additional charge if there will be more than one driver?2019-07-31T03:00:30+08:00

No surcharge for additional drivers. However, they must fulfil the standard terms and conditions of Thrifty Malaysia.

Is there a problem if I let someone else drive the car without first listing them as an additional authorized driver?2019-07-31T03:00:52+08:00

Yes, if someone else drives the car without Thrifty Malaysia’s permission, you have violated the contract terms. This violation could complicate or even negate claims against your personal insurance and negatively impact any coverage you receive. If the police stop the unauthorized driver, that driver can be detained or even arrested because they don’t have any legal right to have possession of the car.

Are your cars insured?2019-07-31T03:01:06+08:00

All vehicles are insured with passenger liability protection, third party property damage up to RM 3,000,000.00 and unlimited for third party bodily injuries.

What is Liability Reduction Option?2019-07-31T03:01:23+08:00

The Renter shall be held responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle, including theft regardless of fault. Upon the renter’s acceptance and subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Rental Agreement, the renter’s liability is limited to the excess fee. If the renter has agreed to accept the LRO and make a police report within 24 hours of an accident or theft, Thrifty shall be entitled to charge the renter a maximum excess fee of RM 2,200.

How do I include LRO LRO/ SLRO in my rental after making the booking?2019-07-31T03:01:37+08:00

You can purchase any optional items at the rental counter upon collection of car.

Do you rent luxury cars?2019-07-31T03:03:01+08:00

Yes, options are available for your selection. Please refer to Fleet Guide for further details.

Can I select the colour of the vehicle that will be reserved for my reservation?2019-07-31T03:03:46+08:00

Vehicles are assigned to reservation pending availability of fleet for the day. Hence no selection of colour choice will be entertained.

Which year model is the car that has been reserved for my booking?2019-07-31T03:03:59+08:00

We are constantly upgrading the vehicles in our fleet. Hence it varies depending of the make and model.

What are the seating capacities of your vehicles?2019-07-31T03:04:58+08:00

There are many choices for you to select. Refer to Fleet Guide for further details.

Can I park my rental car at your parking bay?2019-07-31T03:05:32+08:00

Our cars are parked in reserved car rental area and they are closed to public vehicles.

Will I be given a full tank of fuel upon collecting the car?2019-07-31T03:05:47+08:00

Every Thrifty vehicle is rented out with a full tank of fuel and must be returned the same. Otherwise the renter will be charged for a refill upon return based on Thrifty fuel tariffs.

What type of fuel will my rented car take?2019-07-31T03:06:11+08:00

Your rental car will run on diesel or petrol. It depends which model you choose. Please refer to Fleet Guide page for more details or check with our counter representative upon vehicle collection.

What is your payment method?2019-07-31T03:06:30+08:00

Thrifty accepts the following credit and charge cards: American Express, Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard. Cash payments are not accepted.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I use my debit card for the deposit?2019-07-31T03:07:01+08:00

Debit card is a charge card and it is not accepted. Same applies to cash deposit.

Can I make online payment using my debit card?2019-07-31T03:07:13+08:00

Due to some default in the payment gateway, payment made via debit card will still go through. However, please note upon collection of vehicles a valid credit card must be presented for pre authorization of deposit failing which the vehicle will not be rented out to you.

Can I make payment using my credit card for a third party?2019-07-31T03:08:03+08:00

Payment for 3rd party is not allowed.

How do I know if the payment made online is successful or otherwise?2019-07-31T03:08:23+08:00

Upon completion of a successful transaction, a reservation confirmation will be sent to your registered email immediately.

Can I make payment at the counter since I am not sure how to pay online?2019-07-31T03:08:48+08:00

No. All payments for online booking must be made over the internet through the payment gateway provided. Please contact the reservation centre for assistance.

I am not comfortable providing credit card details over the internet. Can I pay at the counter?2019-07-31T03:09:03+08:00

No. Thrifty Malaysia’s website is a secured site. All online booking payment must be made through the payment gateway link. Bookings that are not paid will be cancelled automatically.

My browser cease function while I was making payment. How do I know if it is process?2019-07-31T03:09:38+08:00

Please check your registered email. If the payment is successful a copy of the reservation confirmation will be sent to your email.

I have paid for the rental online. Is there anything else that I have to pay during my vehicle collection?2019-07-31T03:09:49+08:00

Should there be no changes to your paid booking or purchasing of optional items upon collection of vehicle, a pre-authorization will only be taken on your credit card as a deposit to cover miscellaneous charges such as fuel, damage to the rented vehicle upon return, summons etc etc

How much of deposit do I have to pay?2019-07-31T03:10:03+08:00

A pre authorization deposit of RM2,000 will be taken off your credit card excluding the estimated charge of your intended rental.

Why do you require deposit from me?2019-07-31T03:10:15+08:00

Pre-authorization will be taken on your credit card as a deposit to cover miscellaneous charges such as fuel, damage to the rented vehicle upon return, summons etc etc.

Why was I charged the rental again when I have paid online?2019-07-31T03:10:32+08:00

It is not a charge. It is a pre-authorization taken on your credit card as a deposit to cover miscellaneous charges such as fuel, damage to the rented vehicle upon return, summons etc etc.

When do you release the pre authorization taken on my credit card?2019-07-31T03:10:52+08:00

A standard of 14 days but in some circumstances, it may take longer depending on your credit card issuing bank.

Can I request for refund to the duplicate bookings which I have paid due to system glitch?2019-07-31T03:11:05+08:00

This incident rarely happens. However upon investigation only payments due to technical glitch will be refunded.

Can you send me a copy of the rental receipt for our administrative requirement?2019-07-31T03:11:18+08:00

To obtain a copy of your rental receipt, furnish us your Rental Agreement number, date and location of vehicle pick up. Email these information to for our onward action.

What should I do if my car breaks down?2019-07-31T03:11:29+08:00

Kindly call our 24-hour Road Assistance Service at 1800-18-1828.

Do I get any additional discount as I am a Thrifty Blue chip?2019-07-31T03:12:23+08:00

Best available rates are published online. Hence there will be no further discounts accorded to your rental.

Can I accrue air miles?2019-07-31T03:12:43+08:00

No mileage accrual can be claimed for bookings made online.

Can I bring durian in the car?2019-07-31T03:12:59+08:00

All items and goods discharging unpleasant odours are strictly forbidden from being carried in the vehicle (e.g. Durians, salted fish etc). The renter will be liable to reimburse Thrifty on demand for all costs of eliminating such odours, including the servicing of the whole air conditioner system and the loss of rental days to Thrifty.

Can I smoke in the car?2019-07-31T03:13:20+08:00

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Thrifty vehicles.

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